Finding qualified personnel to man construction projects is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of the electrical contracting industry. Without well-trained people, no company can prosper or grow. Without well-trained people, high quality work cannot be accomplished. At AECCI, we are proud of a company training program that allows us to custom train our people to best meet our clients needs.

The majority of our work force has been trained by our company through our in-house training program. This unique training program consists of four parts: Technical Update Seminars, Safety Training Seminars, Apprentice Electrician Instruction, & Management Development for Supervisors.

Technical Update Seminars

The electrical contracting business is continually being subjected to a rapid change in technology. At AECCI we provide technical seminars for all employees to keep them abreast of this rapidly changing technology. The latest technology for most modern and efficient construction is our goal.

Outside experts from industry plus company management provide the instruction for these programs. Recent seminars include topics on Hilti Firestopping, Permacote, Cadweld Electrical Connections, Hilti Powder Actuated Tools, and updates to the National Electrical Code and Fiber Optics.

Safety Training Seminars

AT AECCI, safety is of the upmost importance to us. We are continually assessing the dangers found on our jobsites in order to better train our employees to handle them. In addition to our Weekly Jobsite Safety Meetings, we conduct regular in-house Safety Training Seminars at our our Career Training Facility. Some of these Seminars include Fall Protection Training, Confined Space Training, LockOut/TagOut, and OSHA 10 Hour Certification.

Apprentice Electrician Instruction

Proper apprentice instruction is the key to the long range growth of any electrical contracting firm. Without proper training, new employees will never properly learn the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful electricians. Properly trained apprentices plus on-the-job training means highly qualified journeymen electricians for your projects.

Our apprentices must attend school two nights per week for two years. They receive training in basic hands-on construction, basic electrical theory, and advanced electrical construction techniques. We are proud of our apprentice instruction program. It has been admired and copied by others in the industry.

Management Development

At present our firm has over a dozen management staff persons. These key people virtually control all of the work that we touch. These individuals must attend management training seminars as a condition for continued employment. The company management, plus outside experts discuss items of concern to these staff members.

At these sessions information flows both ways to help keep management and supervision aware of the constantly changing construction environment. Recent management development seminar topics include Supervising and Motivating Employees, Labor and Equipment Scheduling for Efficiency, Jobsite Layout and Material Flow, and Control and Prevention of Cost Overruns.

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