Effective work is

the cornerstone of 

any successful business.

AECCI specializes in all forms of commercial and industrial electrical work, including manufacturing plants, treatment plants, healthcare facilities, schools, sports venues, office buildings, retail stores, and outside electrical distribution. In addition to standard electrical work, our people are competent in installing theatrical lighting systems, arena lighting, fire alarm systems, nurse call/code blue/doctors paging systems, sound systems, lightning protection systems, & CCTV/security systems.

Additional Skills and Systems

We also install emergency generators and associated electrical work. We have both the training and the equipment to install underground distribution systems consisting of manholes, duct banks, high voltage equipment/cabling and testing of completed systems. We also do telecommunications work, from simple cabling systems to complete turnkey installations of computers, network wiring and phone systems.

Current State Licenses
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
Our Specialties
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Retail
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Sports Venues
  • Special Use
  • Utilities
How We’re Different
  • Customer Support
  • Making Deadlines
  • Planning and Management
  • Effective Solutions
  • Innovation
The Usual Work
  • Standard electrical installation
  • Theatrical and arena lighting systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security systems
  • Underground distribution systems
  • And more

Where AECCI goes

Financial Information

AECCI is currently licensed in five southeastern states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi. We have the capability, given sufficient travel time, to acquire licensing for other states, should the need arise.

In the past AECCI has worked in a large portion of the southeastern United States. We have been as far as Fayetteville, North Carolina to the east, Kingsport, Tennessee to the north, Shreveport, Louisiana to the west and Marco Island, Florida to the south. We have superintendents and key personnel that will travel as the needs arise.

We are usually able to find plenty of work “close to home”. Most of our work now is within the State of Alabama and the State of Georgia. However, depending on the project and scope of work, we will still consider traveling to other areas.

AECCI currently has an annual volume of approx. $22 million. When we made the transition from Auburn Electric to AECCI, we cut our volume to about $6 million. We are steadily growing each year, while maintaining our profitability and quality workmanship. Our largest single project ever completed was the new Retirement Systems of Alabama Judicial Office Building in Montgomery, AL, with a total electrical value of about $16,000,000.00. Our bonding company is:

Fidelity & Deposit Company of Maryland

Please feel free to contact them for reference as you deem necessary.