Retirement Systems of Alabama

Construction of the new RSA Judicial Office Building was begun in 2008 and was completed in July of 2011. Named to celebrate the historic State of Alabama Judicial Building which has resided on the property since 1926, this project fully restored the existing building and encompassed it in a grand 50 foot high structural glazed grand vestibule, topped by the twelve (12) story skyscraper. The restored portions of the project have been adapted for premium executive office space and a multi-purpose conference center which features the original Supreme Court Chamber and lobby.

The electrical scope of work for the core & shell portion included a complete power distribution system which included one (1) 4000A switchboard, two (2) 3000A switchboards, 171 panelboards and over 1500 feet of bus duct, a complete fixture package with over 8000 light fixtures, a complete Siemensaddressable fire alarm system, a complete lightning protection system, two 800kW Cummins Natural Gas Generator Sets, and two 1200A closed transition transfer switches. Completion of the 7th floor tenant fit-out was also completed in July of 2011 and included alterations to the power distribution system, alterations to the addressable fire alarm system, a new tenant lighting package of over 300 fixtures and a lighting control system, a complete 7th floor white noise system by Logison, and the addition of a white noise backbone for the remaining floors.

Current work in progress includes an addition to the core & shell power distribution system to accomodate the power needs of a new data center to be located on the 6th floor. This scope of work includes six (6) additional switchboards, over 1400 feet of bus duct, the installation of two (2) owner furnished 1600kW switchgears, and two (2) 2500kW Cummins Diesel Engine Generators,